A village covered with water in Taninthayi region

A village covered with water in Taninthayi region

Authorities have opened more flood relief camps as water level in Taninthayi River is increased for the third time, sources said.

Heavy rain made the water level in Taninthayi River increased for the third time making thousands of homes submerged by water. More than 24,000 flood victims have taken shelter at the relief camps. Locals are facing difficulty for their living and many farms and plantations are destroyed by the flood that occurred third time within two-month.

“We faced big flood in 1981. In 1994, there was a big flood and hospitals were covered with water. Myo U market was also submerged by water. Some locals are daily wages workers and they are struggled for their lives. People owned boats before that and now every people cannot own boats. There are 38 family households in the monastery and now there are about 60 family households. More flood victims have taken shelter,” said Ashin Watayhta from Chaunggyi Monastery in Taninthayi Township.

Although water level in Taninthayi River reached nearly to its danger level almost every year, it is for a while that its level was not reached to its danger level.

“We are not worried if the water level is increased to 17 or 18 feet regularly. The danger level is 24 feet and it is now reached to 26 feet. All farms and plantations in Myayohnma are covered with water and all houses in Myanmar Intaw village are submerged. The rain is heavy and trees cannot control rainwater. All villages in Taninthayi Township are affected by the flood. The authorities are providing provisions once in five days. All flood victims are depended on relief aid. The region government and two MPs are supervising not to have shortage of food for the victims. The authorities announced if sluice gates are needed to open and water level will be increased another five feet. We have time to evacuate,” said Tin Win Thaw from Chaunggyi Ward.

Dr Win Myat Aye, Minister for Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement visited the area and instructed the authorities to facilitate resettlement process.

According to water level forecast made on August 23, water level in Taninthayi River is a little decreased and reduced to one inch below its danger level. A total of 4,833 houses are destroyed and 4,887 family households are affected by the flood. Number of flood victims is reached to 24,198, according to statistics.

A total of 6,762 people are evacuated and 1,334 are moved to relief camps. Flood relief aid are distributed for the locals in the water-covered areas.

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