Authorities temporarily block travel on Loikaw-Shadaw road

Authorities have temporarily blocked road connecting between Loikaw and Shadaw, which is under repaired, for one month now and locals are facing difficulties travelling, sources said.

The workers mined the mountain to expand the road so while works continue, people were banned from using the road from 9 am to 3 pm starting from July 22 to September 30.

“We can use the road after 7 am. When we arrived at a village near Pon Stream, we stopped for a while. When we continued on our journey, it was 9 am. When we arrived at the section of road where the workers are repairing, the road was in a bad condition and had a lot of mud on the road. If the workers needed to use the explosives, we figured we could take a rest. We thought we will have to wait for about 15 or 20 minutes only. The rain is pouring down and we are hungry. So we went to the workers to ask a pot to boil potatoes,” said a local.

Kayah and Shan ethnics are mostly lived in Shadaw which is 40 miles away from Loikaw and they made their living with hillside cultivation. Most of the road connected between villages can only be accessed on foot in rainy season and transportation access is still bad, according to locals.

“The road is temporarily closed for about one month now. The hospital sent ambulance in emergency case. The express buses are not running. We can use the motorcycles but it is too dangerous,” said a local.

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