Dead whale carcass washes ashore near Haigyi

Villagers found a body of whale, which washed ashore near a beach in front of a hotel in Zeechaing village tract, Pathein district, Ayeyawady region on August 20, sources said.

The fishermen informed it to authorities and officials from Fishery Department and general administrative office came to inspect its body. The body is belonged to a whale species and has 32 feet in length, 8 feet wide in its head, 20 feet wide in its body and 6 feet wide in its tail part. They assumed the whale was dead for a few days in the sea and water carried it ashore.

“The whale is rather big and water carried it to the shore with high tide at night time. Many people including village administrator are arrived at the scene,” said a local Pho Cho.

Head of Fishery Department of Haigyi said, “The fish was dead for many days and we asked for help from the fishermen to bury it at the beach. We will extract all bones from the whale after its flesh is decayed.”

Bodies of giant fishes are washed ashore at the beach in Haigyi frequently and locals found the remains of giant fishes in the sea between Zeechaing and Bonetawpyae villages, sources said.

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